Research Associate Toxicology

Location: Ca.


Research Associate in Exploratory Toxicology serves as an integral member of the toxicology team that supports the early stage discovery and development of pharmaceuticals, including the identification, mechanistic investigation and general toxicity evalaution. In general, scientist will provide appropriate technical support to conduct in vivo toxicology studies including formulations, drug dosing, toxicokinetic sampling, prosection, electronic data capture, clinical chemistry, hematology sample analysis.

Responsibilities will include the following:

1. Conduct in vivo studies with contribution to the following technical areas:
a. Animal management and study initiation.
b. Oral and/or intravenous test article administration.
c. Monitoring clinical signs, body weights and food consumption.
d. Obtain and process toxicokinetic serum samples.
e. Conduct animal post-mortem prosection.
g. Conduct clinical chemistry, hematology sample analysis.
i. Communicate findings and study outcome to toxicology management.

Communication Skills
Strong verbal and written skills; ability to provide focus and clarity; able to handle confidential information and material appropriately. Ability to communicate resource needs to management and assist in setting technical work priorities. Ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment where multiple technical skills are necessary and flexibility in job requirements are dynamic.

Computer Skills
Familiarity and ease of use with GraphPad Prism, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.