THE ARTAC SEEL COMPANY can be considered a boutique search firm, as we have added the strategic advantage that derives from a smaller client base leaving us with fewer restrictions on where we can recruit, our clients benefit with broader, deeper and a more targeted candidate pool.

Exclusive Contingency Searches

A cost-effective method of guaranteeing our concerted effort to fill multiple openings or hard-to-fill positions. It provides our consultants with a three month or longer exclusivity agreement before the search is opened up to other firms. The search process involves:

  • Creating a position specification that includes education, type and years of experience, accomplishments, compensation and attributes sought;
  • Conducting telephone screens;
  • Presenting resumes and background information on high potential candidates to the client company;
  • Arranging in-person and/or telephone interviews with candidates selected by the client company;
  • Conducting reference checks;

Contingency Searches

Our standard contingency search service is designed for companies that do not want a devoted effort, but want to see qualified candidates with whom we are currently working. Resumes and CVs are submitted after potential candidates have been phone screened.

Our Approach to Sourcing: Our researchers utilize our proprietary network of contacts, our exclusive database, directories from numerous industry associations and information in the public domain.

Outsourced Staffing

Our Outsourced Staffing services saves your company the time and resources necessary to build and manage an internal recruiting staff or a contract recruiting workforce. THE ARTAC SEEL COMPANY assumes responsibility for filling all or a portion of your company’s critical hiring needs for a specified timeframe with this service solution.

ON Site Consignment Contractors

THE ARTAC SEEL COMPANY can provide leased workers to help with our partners in critical “crunch” times during a drug development cycle. We have candidates in data review, medical writing, IT support, statistical analysis and data management, market research, clinical research and regulatory affairs, globally.

Strategic Services

Our Strategic Services include working closely with our clients to help them design and develop more recruiting strategies and tactics that will make them more productive and competitive. We will build alternative models to help staff you company within budget and on time. We understand the economy today and the limit supply of HR staff ratio to recruitment efforts.