I have worked with The Artac SeeL Co for the past three years and have truly been impressed by their selection of candidates, prescreening abilities and ability to ultimately secure candidates who match our needs at our Boston Biotech. Their attention to detail and follow-through is impeccable and I would highly recommend them as recruiting professionals who have set themselves apart from the others.

CMO, Boston Biotech

The Artac Seel Co were great consultants throughout all aspects of my career search; including the job description, resume preparation, and pre- and post- interview stages. I will continue to use their service in the future and recommend it to others. I fully believe they offer the best resources to find quality employers in our industry. Their service exceeded my expectations.

Executive Director, MD PhD.

After considerable research, we selected The Artac Seel Co. in 2004, primarily because of their high ethical standards and willingness to partner with us in finding suitable future employees when we were so small. They worked with us every step of the way to find individuals that matched our organizational requirements by seeking to truly understand our company culture and what we needed. They also let us know when they felt they weren't suitable to conduct a particular search and offered suggestions on who may be able to help us out. It is rare to find organizations like The Artac Seel Co. who are primarily concerned with ensuring you get what you need.

HR, Celgene

It is my pleasure to provide a working reference for The Artac Seel Co; a recruitment resource that I have used for more than 15 years. During this time the recruitment efforts have consistently identified and presented candidates of the highest caliber, candidates whose qualifications meet the stated specifications, and those whose drive and motivation is in line with the vacancy. The Artac Seel Co. has been very successful in the clinical development recruitment arena. This, for the main part, is due to their outstanding attention to detail, their admirable desire to ensure that both the company’s and the applicants’ needs are fulfilled and their history in the pharmaceutical industry.

Novartis, Oncology HR

We have always found Ellen Capito-Wightman and her staff to be extremely professional, always taking time to identify and understand the key attributes (qualitative and subjective) in the candidates we are seeking. They quickly educated themselves on our management philosophies and culture and handle all the necessary pre-screening before presenting a candidate to [us]. I can say without hesitation that I receive higher quantity and quality of candidates and at the same level of attention regardless of the seniority or salary of the position.

President and COO, Mid-Tier Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company